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Monday, March 18, 2013

Boing! Boing! Tigger Bounce!

Commissioned by Dorothy for her son Shane's first birthday is this Tigger cake featuring a 3D “Baby Tigger” sugar art figurine. I wanted this Tigger figurine to be unique for this cake so I challenged myself to make him appear to be bouncing (standing) on his tail, with his legs up. To complement the scene, I also made a 3D sugar tree topper with branches of royal icing piped leaves and Tigger’s favorite rubber tube swing hanging on one of the branches.

Boing! Boing Tigger Bounce!
3D sugar art figurine.
Baby Tigger's bottom up! 
3D sugar art figurine.
Tree with Tigger's favorite tube swing!
3D sugar art topper.

Shane's first birthday cake... Tigger Bounce!

Baby Tigger closeup!
3D sugar art figurine.
"Tigger Bounce" made it to Number 1 at on March 15, 2013! 
Tigger Bounce cake made it to the Daily Top 3 cakes at on March 15, 2013!

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