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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Out From The Sewers... Here Comes Spiderman!

Commissioned by Logeshan for her son Yashodev's 5th birthday, this Spiderman cake features the superhero emerging from the underground sewerage system, probably after doing battle with the Lizard!

Move aside manhole cover!
Out from the sewers!
Here comes Spidey!
Face to face with the amazing SpiderMan!
3D sugar art figurine with hand painted features.
Yashodev's cake!
Featuring the birthday boy's favorite superhero!
SpiderMan's hand painted logo!
View from the back!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Teddy Bear Gift Box!

Commissioned by Phua for his beloved Hong Yan's belated birthday, is this gift box cake featuring a 3D sugar art blue teddy bear dressed in red shirt and blue overalls. The sugar bear is a miniature replica of Hong Yan's teddy bear which is very special to the both of them.

Teddy Bear Gift Box Cake!
Featuring a cool blue sugar teddy!
A very special and meaningful birthday gift!
Hello friends, have a beary great day!
Greetings from the cool blue sugar teddy!

3D sugar art figurine.

Especially for Hong Yan...
Big blue sugar bow and gift tag.

Teddy bear motifs.

The two blue teddies!
(Photo courtesy of Hong Yan)

Ha! Ha! They both have the same expression!
(Photo courtesy of Hong Yan)

Original Teddy versus Sugar Teddy!
(Photo courtesy of Hong Yan)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ananya's Sweet Little Princess In Pink!

Commissioned by Sri and Ram to celebrate their daughter Ananya's 1st birthday. The theme of the party was "Sweet Little Princess In Pink".

Pretty in pink cakes!
Princess crown cupcakes!
The Sweet Little Princess In Pink turns "1"!
3D sugar art figurine.
Sweet Little Princess Ananya...Her face is hand modeled from pics courtesy of her parents. One year old Ananya is a such a lovely baby with bright, beautiful eyes and a happy smile.My challenge was to capture her joyous facial expression. Attention to details, down to her bottom front teeth!
From the side... curly haired princess!
Pretty sweet baby girl!
My favorite...  pink Mary Janes with pearl buttons!
Sneak peek pic... curly haired little princess in shimmery pink ruffles dress!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tim's Little Boy Blue With Bunnies!

Commissioned by William and Shen for their little boy Tim's first birthday. Tim was born in the Chinese zodiac year of the rabbit so some bunnies were featured on the "Little Boy Blue" figurine and on the cake.

Number "1" cake!
With bunnies!
Happy Little Boy Tim...His face was hand modeled from a pic courtesy of his parents, William and Shen. One year old Tim is a cutie with a very happy smile that crinkled up his eyes. My challenge was to capture his facial expression.
Happy Little Boy Blue!
3D sugar art figurine
Cradling his toy bunny!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

News Flash! Mischievous Baby Topples Cake!

This "topsy turvy" cake was commissioned by Veitha for her daughter Vaishanavi's first birthday. She requested for a two tiered cake with a curly haired baby girl in diapers attempting to pull down the top tier cake. It's falling, falling...

Strong and mischievous baby pulling down the cake!
Hang on! It's gonna topple over!
Hanging on for dear life!
Here I am!
Aww! I just wanna look at my birthday candle!
This cutie pie has lovely black curls!
Little Vaishnavi's cake with pink and purple sugar blossoms!