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Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Bunny Hugs" for Taren & Eashen

This sculpted cake with "Papa Bunny hugging Baby Bunny" was commissioned by Rina for her hubby Taren and her son Eashen on the occasion of their joint birthday celebration. Both father and son were born in the year of the rabbit and their birthdays are only a day apart.

"Bunny Hugs" figurines inspired by Lorraine McKay's "Bear Hugs".
Sculpted cake design inspired by the works of Elena Atash.

Bunnies hugging besides a running stream...
Complete with mini waterfall!
"Bunny Hugs" sugar art figurines
Inspired by Lorranie McKay's Bear Hugs.

Papa & Baby Bunny!
Taren's & Eashen's cake!


  1. Just beautiful. Your attention to detail is astounding!

  2. Hi Pauline, Its been more than a year already... but i owe you a positive post.. TQ for the cakes - simply marvelous.

    p.s. Will be ordering another one next year for my 2nd son's 1st b'day :)

    1. Hi Rina,

      So glad you enjoyed the cakes! Thank you so much for your patronage.