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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Simpsons And An Unusual Cupcake For Gladys!

Commissioned by Zachary as a surprise birthday gift for his special friend Gladys, who just returned home from overseas. Other than the "The Simpsons" family, Zachary also had an unusual request for a toilet bowl cupcake to be included in this set of 16 cupcakes.

Birthday cuppies for Gladys!
The Simpsons... 2D with 3D effect sugar art faces!
3D sugar art toilet bowl!
Beer bottle with hand painted label!
Hand painted Emirates logo and 2D sugar art air plane!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pei Chin's "1st" Thomas The Engine!

Commissioned by Dua for his little princess Pei Chin's 1st birthday bash! Pei Chin loves the show "Thomas and Friends" and thus, a 3D sugar art figurine of "Thomas the Engine" was an absolute must on her birthday cake. The sides of the cake were decorated with a countryside scene and railway tracks.

Pei Chin's 1st birthday with Thomas the Engine!
Choo! Choo! I am Thomas!
The really helpful engine!
Coal storage at the back!
Train tunnel with "1" for 1st birthday!
Pearly white clouds and blue skies!