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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jamie's "Jake The Pirate" Treasure Island Cake & Favorite Cartoon Character Cupcakes!

Commissioned by Jessica for her little princess Jamie's 1st birthday celebration. 

Jamie loves the cartoon character of Jake from Disney's "Jake And The Neverland Pirates" show, thus a 3D "Jake the Pirate" sugar art figurine would have to take center stage on her cake. I decided upon a "Treasure Island" themed cake design since pirates and treasure always go together.

Jamie also loves Mickey (Mouse), Pororo (Penguin), Tulli (Snail), Charlie (Baby) and Timmie Time (Sheep) so these adorable cartoon characters were portrayed as 2D (with 3D effect) sugar art faces on cupcakes.

Jamie's "Jake the Pirate" treasure island cake and favorite cartoon character cupcakes!
"Jake the Pirate" striking a jubilant pose upon finding lost treasure!
Adorable cartoon character faces!
Clockwise from top left: Mickey Mouse, Tulli, Charlie, Timmie Time and Pororo.
Jake's spiky hair is kept in place by his red bandana!
Check out the details of Jake's attire! I didnt leave anything out.
Red badana tied with a knot, white shirt with sleeve slits, navy blue jacket with yellow gold and shiny brown boots with "J"gold monograms. 
Visual from Disney's "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" show!
... is "1"!
"X' marks the location of the treasure chest!

Gold coins on the beach! Don't ask me how they got there.
Beach scene, with rippling waves gently rolling  up the golden sand!


  1. Pauline,

    Your attention to detail is awesome. Do you teach?
    Have you taken lessons from Carlos Lischetti?
    I'm in Singapore and would love to meet you sometime when I come to KL.
    Love your work!

    1. Hi dear,

      Thanks for the compliments!
      Haven't taken any courses from Carlos Lischetti but I love his work so much and am getting his book soon.
      I haven't started any classes yet but intend to do so in future.

      Cheers! :)