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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Violin For Ghazaly's Bride!

Commissioned by Ghazaly, this 3D sculpted violin cake is to be presented to his violinist bride on their wedding day as part of his wedding "hantaran". I made this violin cake to resemble the bride's violin based on some pics provided by Ghazaly. The rest of the design is to be similar to the first violin cake which I made two years ago.

As the cake will be traveling to Kelantan by car for 8 hours, I decided to use yarn instead of fondant for the strings in case of breakage. Also, I made the violin neck out of gumpaste instead of cake and was successful, without breakage, only after the third attempt. Phew!

Voila Violin II!
The violin scroll with adjustable keys!
The violin neck and head, ending with the peg box and the scroll.
The violin neck... success at last!
The belly of the violin, featuring the chin rest, the tail piece and the button anchoring the tail piece...
The tail piece holds the strings and the strings pull up over the bridge...
and stretch above the fingerboard, to be played by the violinist.
Suspended strings over the bridge and f-holes on both sides of the violin.

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  1. i think your violin sugar craft is very creative