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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Sugar Fairy for Sweet Marissa

This sugar art fairy was a very last minute commission by Yen May who had been searching for 3 fairy figurines to grace her daughter Marissa's birthday cake. As I was only given a few days notice, I could only provide her with this lone fairy. Since the cake was to have a garden fairy theme, I dressed her up with a dress resembling pink flower petals, and gave her a pair of butterfly wings.

Sugar art fairy...
dressed in frilled pink flower petals...
... and a flower calyx around the neck of her dress.
A brunette with sparkling green eyes...
... and luscious pink lips.
Playing with her pet butterfly.
Her hair is curled...
... into soft ringlets.
A pair of butterfly wings complete her look.
Pretty in pink.
Butterfly on her wrist.
She's got fingernails too.
Frills dusted with edible petal dust...
... to bring out the flower effect.
 Thank you Yen May for putting your trust in me, and for giving me the free rein in the creation of this fairy. : )

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  1. Stunning!

    Would it be too rude to plug my cake contest here?

    Kindest regards