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Monday, June 20, 2011

"Madagascar" Cake Entry at the ICCA Novelty Cake Competition 2011

This is my "Madagascar" themed cake that I designed and submitted as entry at the ICCA Novelty Cake Competition 2011 held at the Mines International Exhibition Centre on June 9th to 12th. The panel of judges consisted of  Rosalind Chan (founder of ICCA and renowned cake designer from Canada), Chef Wan (celebrity chef and 'Food Ambassador of Malaysia') and Master Chef Tan See Fong. The cake earned a "Highly Commendable" title as one of the top entries in the competition. 

"Madagascar" themed cake with beach scene in the foreground and desert oasis scene in the background.
Alex the Lion lazing atop the taller sand rock!
Self proclaimed 'king of the lemurs' King Julien (top) is standing jubilant atop the lower sand rock, together with his second in command,  Maurice (bottom)!
Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe relaxing by the rock pool and flashing their gorgeous eyelashes at the crowd!
Marty the Zebra resting by the rock pool!
Madagascar penguins, Rico (left) and Kowalski (right) keeping an eye out for danger at the beach front!
Madagascar penguins, Skipper (left) and Private (right) on the look out at the beach front!
Beach scene. The judges loved the watery effect of the 'sea'.
Highly Commendable!

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