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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eric's Valentine's "Angry Birds" Cake

This might well be a child's cake but it was not! My client wanted to surprise her fiance, Eric on his birthday which also falls on Valentine's Day. Eric loves to play the game "Angry Birds" on his iPhone. The premise of the game is simple. You use birds with different abilities to bust through various puzzles and destroy the pigs that have stolen their eggs.

Since the client requested for some elements of Valentine's love on the cake, I decided not to have the birds and the pigs at war. The result ... a "Valentines Truce" for the day! 

Sugar art figurines of the birds with their precious eggs
Sugar art  figurines of the pigs with their king sitting on his throne of glass and timber

The catapult for launching the birds
The scene ... the pigs have returned the eggs to the birds so peace reigns for the day
Eric's "Angry Birds" Birthday cum Valentine's Day cake!