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Friday, November 12, 2010

Wen Yan's 3rd "Toy Story" Jessie Cowgirl Theme Cupcakes

I got to try my hand at another Toy Story theme... this time, commissioned by a client whose daughter Wen Yan is a big fan of  Toy Story. It was a toss up between her favorite characters, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the Cowgirl or Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, on who would be the main character(s) on her 3rd birthday cupcakes. Ultimately, it was Jessie who won hands down! 

"Jessie the Cowgirl" sugar art figurine
Back view with cowboy hat and braided hair tied up with ribbon
Side view... here's looking at you with those green eyes
The "3" from the title of "Toy Story 3"
Lassos and cow print

Jessie sitting on timber floor effect cupcakes
The whole set... 16 cupcakes!
Happy Birthday dear Wen Yan! Thank you for the order, Joanne.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sum Yu's 2nd "Barney and I" Cake

This cake was commissioned by my client to celebrate her daughter Sum Yu's second birthday. Sum Yu's favorite toy is Barney the purple dinosaur. Mom suggested a cake with a personalized figurine of her daughter wearing the dress that she will be wearing at her birthday party, and holding hands with Barney.

Cake toppers "Little Birthday Girl" and "Barney the Purple Dino"  sugar art figurines...
Pic of pretty little Sum Yu in her lovely white with satin peach birthday dress, courtesy of her mom
Closeup of "Little Girl" figurine (Clockwise from top left) : 1. Front view 2. Side view 3. Tiny peach ribbons on the skirt and ballerina pumps with pearl buttons 4. Peach sash at the back
Pretty blossoms and butterflies
The cake!
Happy Birthday Sum Yu and thanks for the order, Pei Ling. : )