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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zhen Yu's "Toy Story" Books with Woody and Buzz Lightyear

This cake was designed for my client who commissioned me to make a Toy Story themed cake for her nephew Zhen Yu's 3rd birthday.The cake is to resemble a couple of books stacked one atop another. Of course, this Toy Story themed cake would not be complete without its two main characters, Woody, the Cowboy Sheriff and Buzz Lightyear, the Space Ranger.

Books on the timber flooring
The title of the book is the birthday boy's name amidst stars and golden planets
Stacked books
Fondant covered cake board with timber floor effect
Happy Birthday message along the book spines
Woody sugar art figurine sitting on top of the books with his legs dangling over the edge
Woody closeup (anti clockwise from top left) : 1. Stetson hat 2. Boots with gold spurs 3. Book in hand, "Reading is good for you" 4. Back view with checkered shirt and cow print vest 5. Front view with red scarf and gold sheriff badge
Buzz sugar art figurine sitting beside the books
Buzz closeup (anti clockwise from top left) : 1. Front panel with colored buttons and hand painted "Space Ranger" emblem 2. Space boots 3. Right arm with laser button and laser 4. Left arm with hand painted rocket emblem
Happy Birthday Zhen Yu and Thanks for the order, Brenda. : )

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  1. NICE wok! I love the detailed pictures! Love from California ~Anna Patricia