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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Black Lace" : Wedding Cake Entry in the ICCA Annual Cake Competition 2010

This is my "Black Lace" wedding cake that I designed and submitted as entry in the Wedding Cake category at the ICCA Annual Cake Competition  2010 held at Sunway Giza on October 1st to 3rd. The international panel of judges consisted of Eddie Spence, MBE (UK), Debbie Brown (UK), Rosalind Chan (Canada) and Rose Wallace (USA). Eddie Spence is the Master of Royal Icing and cake maker to England's Royal Family. I am ecstatic that my cake was "commended" as one of the top 10 entries in the competition. Great for a first timer!

"Topsy Turvy" 4 tier wedding cake

with Black and White contrast

I chose the colors black on white because they are a total  contrast and would bring out the black royal icing lace and string work against the white background to the best effect. I also love the challenge of producing a clean and neat cake despite black being such a strong color.  

"Commended" as one of the top 10 cake entries in the competition
Shimmery fantasy flowers between the tiers
Scallop bridge with Australian String Work fringed with lace pieces on the bottom tier. Cake board is covered with black fondant and stenciled with white royal icing
Bridge with Australian String Work fringed with lace pieces on the second tier
Black royal icing lace work on the top tier.
Close up of lace work : Pressure piped scrolls and delicate fish net lace
Close up of lace work : brush embroidery flowers
Close up of lace work : Pressure piped scrolls with herring fish scales lace and net lace
The judges (from Left) : Rose Wallace, Rosalind Chan, Eddie Spence and Debbie Brown
Congratulations from the Master of Royal Icing, Eddie Spence
Judges' feedback and comments. The judges especially Eddie Spence loved the string work. The term they used 'Exquisite'
The Top 10!
Up on stage


  1. And it is exquisite! I've always wanted to copy lace patterns on cakes... in the future when I get better ;)

  2. hi!i'm your new fan!
    i love this cake, i can't find the word to say how much i love it!
    sorry for my english, i'm studying yet :-)
    hope to see you on my little blog.


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your appreciation of my work, Aine!