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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Xander's 1st "Astro B.Yond Remote Control and Other Favorites" Cupcakes

These cupcakes were especially designed for my client to celebrate her son Xander's first birthday which also falls on Malaysia Day (September 16). Xander's favorites are the central theme of these cupcakes. 

Xander's biggest favorite is the "Astro B.yond Remote Control". Mom requested for a customized  sugar art  model and miniature version of this remote control to be the center piece of the cupcakes.

 The "Astro B.Yond" vs. the "Xander X."
with customized "Xander" and "X" logos.

The miniature "Xander X." only spans 2 cupcakes.

On top of this,
X. A. N. D. E. R  ...

turns "1" ...

... with his favorite balls ...

... and his favorite animals, the elephant, the monkey and the lion, the king of the jungle.

  16 moist chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling.

Happy Birthday, Xander! Thanks for the order, Aprel. : )

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely HATE the b.yond remote control!

    It's hideous.

    To force you to constantly keep staring at the channels you don't subscribe to, the "favorites" system is now a complete mess, unless you're constantly selecting 'Type of channel' then 'Favorites'. Select anything and it jumps back to 'All channels'.

    The earlier remote was vastly, vastly easier to use. I hate this new one so much I have thrown it across the room twice now. Today I literally do not use it; it is not worth getting angry over so I just avoid the thing completely - and will NOT be renewing my 'b.yond' at the end of the year. I prefer the old system, where I can just check what's on and if it's just started or nearly finished or whatever, plus what's on after that. Simple and easy.

    As for the b.yond, white text on black? That's famous for being hard to read and on my TV I cannot read it without leaning forward and reading each word, one at a time, slowly. Absolutely horrible and I really regret changing.

    Great cake though :)