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Monday, August 9, 2010

Evvah's 2nd Pop Up Barney Dino with Bows, Ribbons and Polka Dots Mini Cakes

My client commissioned me to design some mini cakes for the occasion of  her niece Evvah's second birthday. Evvah's favorite toy is Barney, the purple dinosaur, so a figurine of the lovable character is the order of the day. The client also requested for the cakes to have bows with ribbons and polka dots. The overall color scheme for the cake design is to be pink, purple and white. Ooh... I can tell these cakes are going to be sweet and pretty!

Here are the sweet treats for little Evvah's birthday celebration from her beloved Aunt...

Pretty in shades of pink, purple and white are 16 mini cakes sitting atop a fondant covered cake board with pink polka dots

E. V. V. A. H surrounded by pretty little blossoms

15 mini cakes in three designs... 
Clockwise from top : 1. Dotty on Pink 2. White Bow on Lilac
3. Purple Bow on White

Sugar art figurine of Barney, the purple dino...

 ...  popping up from the center cake...

... and holding on to the candles for dear life!

Client's feedback to me "Thanks for the lovely cake... My niece loved it so much... Everyone liked the mini cakes too". 

Happy Birthday, Evvah and thanks for the order, Brenda. : )

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