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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Romeo's 1st "Baby Blue and Cow Print" Party Cakes

I was commissioned by this lovely client to design a two tiered cake together with 30 cupcakes for her little boy Romeo's first birthday party. The cake designs are to be based on the "Baby Blue and Cow Print" theme of the party.

The banner and invitation card, courtesy of Romeo's mom.

 It was an enjoyable process during the design stage of the cakes as Romeo's mom  provided great ideas for the cakes, one of which was a personalized figurine of a "little boy in a cow suit". Dear Romeo's party cakes include...

A two tiered cake...

... with R. O. M. E. O on top...

... and a cake topper "Little Boy in a Cow Suit" sugar art figurine...

I love this little guy so much, I gave him his own photo shoot!
Clockwise from top left corner : 1. Peek a Boo (or Peek a Moo)! 2. Yoo Hoo! Now you see me. 3. Whee! I love to slide. 4. Legs up! Exercise is good.

Mom sent me this photo of the cow suit for my reference.

 The Cow Suit.
Clockwise from top left corner : 1. Cow ears attached to the hood 2. Zip... how else to get into the suit?? 3. Cow tail... Oops! Forgot to add one but Mom says it's not necessary anyway 4. Cute baby pink soles

... with pearly clouds and rustic wooden fences...
Mom's lovely idea to add these!

... and cow print on the bottom tier...

... together with "cow face" cupcakes...
Notice each cow face is unique?

... and an assortment of "cow print" and "1st" cupcakes.

Mom made my day twice! She sent me a message on Facebook, "Thanks a lot for the cake!! Everyone loves the cake." and another via email, "We all were really happy with not only the cake design, but also with your cake. It is really delicious".

Happy Birthday, dear Romeo and thanks for the order, Brenda. : )


  1. Lovely baby, lovely cake :)

  2. Oh my gosh I love this! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hi Pauline, I love your figurine, so much that I'm doing a bear one for a friends son 1st Birthday and wanted to know how you did the hood part, if it's not to much information?

    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Pauline,

    Was there some type of template you use to make the cow hood, I'm making a little boy in a bear suit and was wondering if you can help in any way?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Erica,

      So sorry for the late reply!

      No, I didn't use any template for the hood. Just roll a piece of sugarpaste shaped like a half circl, thinly and fit it over the head. The excess sugarpaste at the back of the head can then be sniped off with scissors.

      Hope this helps! : )