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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Violin Fit For The Virtuosi

This is a 3D sculpted violin cake specially made for a young lady who plays the violin and loves listening to classical music. Much research was done on the anatomy of the violin before the start of this cake project, to the point where I can name most of the parts now... cake art can be educational too. ; )

 Voila violin!

The belly of the violin, featuring the chin rest, the tail piece and the button anchoring the tail piece...

  The tail piece holds the strings and  the strings pull up over the bridge...

 and stretch above the fingerboard, to be played by the violinist.

 f-hole on each side of the belly.

The neck and head of the violin, ending with the peg box and the scroll. The neck is decorated with sugar orchids.

Oh yes... everything on the cake is edible... including the strings! 


  1. OMG :-O What a beaty. Amazing details.

  2. It's wonderful!! Every single detail of this cake is superbly done!


  3. pauline...i want to order this cake for my wedding it possible?please email me the price at, my wedding will be on 4/3/2012. btw is it possible to combine violin and piano in 1 cake like this pic tq

  4. don't mind if I ask you how much is the price..??
    if it is reasonable I want to make it as my cousin birthday cake..

  5. alright... here is my email :

  6. how do u make the strings?