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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Indonesian Layer Cake

I just love the Indonesian Layer Cake, with its multiple layered texture and  its fragrant blend of spices that include cinnamon and clove. So, when Artisan Cake Craft (a cake decorating and baking supplies retailer that also offers classes in  baking and cake decorating) announced that Calvin Mark Ng, wedding cake designer and founder of Black Forest Tavern will be conducting a course to bake three variations of this beauty on April 18, I jumped at it! 

  Let me introduce the three varieties... the "Traditional" layer cake in the yellow corner,  the "Domino" (or basket weave)  layer cake in the green corner and the "Pyramid" layer cake in the red corner.

The making of the "Traditional" layer cake involves spreading layers upon layers of spice cake batter into the cake pan and grilling each layer until golden brown. Care must be taken that each layer is not burnt so the baker must constantly stand watch over the oven for hours on end, putting in and grilling each layer until the cake batter is finished. The art is to get the layers really thin. This is tedious work!

The "Domino" layer cake, so called because of its pattern, involves the same  layering process as the "Traditional" one, and more! Half of the cake batter is flavored with chocolate then alternately layered with the normal cake batter. I wouldn't go into the details of it but it involves cutting and arranging the layers to get the domino pattern in the middle.

And finally, the "Pyramid" layer cake, to cut a long story short, is equally as tedious to  make as the "Domino" layer cake. The pinkish layers are achieved by flavoring the cake batter with strawberry jam.

Phew! After learning how to make these labor-intensive cakes, I can now  appreciate why  Indonesian layer cakes (especially the authentic ones) are costly.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

For A Bride Who Loves Pearls : A Pearly Affair with Oriental and Australian String Work

I designed this wedding cake for the lovely bride mentioned in my previous post For the Romantic Couple : Let's Sit Side by Side, Hand in Hand. The bride wanted a wedding cake that marries both the contemporary and traditional style. As evident from her pearl jewelery and the pearls adorning her wedding gown, she really loves her pearls. Thus, it follows that the cake must also feature pearls, pearls and more pearls!

 A pearly affair...

with Australian and Oriental string work.

The top tier...

with their wedding monogram.

The middle tier with Oriental string work and Australian string work.

Oriental string work.

The bottom tier with quilting and embedded edible pearls.