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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For the Romantic Couple : Let's Sit Side by Side, Hand in Hand...

This is a personalized bride and groom wedding cake topper for an upcoming wedding cake that I have been commissioned to make. The client, a lovely soon-to-be bride wanted the bride and groom figurines to represent her and her fiance. She requested for the bride figurine to be wearing a replica of the gown that  she will be wearing on her wedding day. Also, to include her pearl jewelery that goes with the gown; and the wedding bands on the bride's and groom's fingers to signify their union. Everything must be down to the smallest detail!

 How romantic... the bride and groom, sitting side by side and holding hands.

Closeup view of the lovely bride and the dashing groom.

Here comes the bride!
From left to right: 1. Completed the look with ringlets framing her face, tiara in her hair and pearls around her neck 2. Pearl teardrop earrings on her ears 3. Pearl details at the back of her dress too.

With this ring I be wed.

The wedding gown.

Photos of the original gown, courtesy of the bride.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fondant Dinosaur Round-Up

 Wow! My frolicking dinosaurs were mentioned in  A Baked Creation, a Canadian cupcake blog, in their Fondant Dinosaur Round-Up! Their dinosaur cupcake toppers were the inspiration for my fondant dinosaurs.

Check them out! They have some really awesome stuff on their site.

Thanks Sylvia!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Australian String Work : The 'Rolls Royce' of Cake Decorating

I made this cake to feature the Australian String Work technique.  String work, an extremely delicate form of cake decoration, is also known as extension work. This cake decorating technique employs the use of royal icing piping on an intricate curtain and lacework on the side of the cake. Regarded by cake decorators as the Rolls Royce of cake decorating and by many, as a difficult technique to master, the arduous task requires much patience and the perfect icing to accomplish it.

Bridge extension work on side of the cake.

Suspended (bridgeless) string work on the other side.

At the top of the cake, fondant plaque with stenciled tulip, painted with edible dusting powder.

 Piped royal icing bead border at the cake base; and fondant covered board with embossed butterflies.

 Closeup of the bridge with extension work.

Step by step of  bridge extension work.
Clockwise from top left: 1. Pipe first string of icing along scribed line. 2. Pipe layer of strings atop one another  until a bridge is formed (10 layers). 3. Using the finest piping tip, pipe fine strings extending from the scribed line (at the top) to the  bridge. 4. Repeat (step 3) until finish.

 Closeup of the suspended string work (top layer).

Side profile of the suspended string work.

 Step by step of suspended string work.
Clockwise from top left: 1. Insert pins into cake along top of existing bridge string work 2. Pipe a string draping it across the pins. 3. Using the finest piping tip, pipe fine strings extending from the scribed line (at the top) to the suspended string. 4. Repeat (step 3) until finish then carefully remove the pins.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thanya's 1st: Beach and Under the Sea Cake

I was commissioned by a client to design an underwater themed cake with a personalized cake topper for her daughter Thanya's 1st birthday. Mom wanted an underwater theme since her daughter loves her fishes and her bedroom is decorated with them. She also requested for a figurine of a "curly haired little girl  in a swimsuit", modeled after her daughter, sitting on the cake. Based on this, I made this beach and under the sea themed cake especially for sweet and cute Thanya.

Cake flavor is rich butter cake layered, filled and covered with Mousseline buttercream (also known as Italian Meringue buttercream), a less sweet alternative to buttercream icing and fondant icing; and decorated with fondant accents and decorations.

Mom sent me this photo of her sweet Thanya, taken a few months ago, for my reference.

The cake topper : "Curly haired little girl in a swimsuit" sugar art figurine. Notice her innocent and "in awe" expression?

The beach scene.
Made the waves rising up the beach using the brush embroidery technique.

The Beach Scene.
Clockwise from top left corner : 1. Crab testing the water 2. Child's spade and pail filled with sand 3. Tiny shells on a mat (made by my daughter Rachel. Do we have a budding sugar artist here?) 4. Sand castles

The underwater scene.
Clockwise from top left corner : 1. Puffer fishes meet in the midst of a starfish 2. Striped Angel fish 3. Friendly octopus 4. Seahorse and friends

Mom made my day! She called me right before the cake cutting to tell me  "Thank you! The cake is  so beautiful ...way beyond our expectations! We have a problem now because we don't know how to cut into the cake". Happy Birthday Thanya! Thanks for the order, Subu (Grandma) and Kanjna (Mom).