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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skill Upgrade : PME Professional Diploma Course (Royal Icing & Piping Module)

I am a self-taught cake decorator, having learnt most of my skills from many books and the internet. However, I doubted my piping skills (or lack of it) and have always shied away from piping complicated buttercream / royal icing flowers and decorations. To upgrade my decorating skills and at the same time, get some formal qualifications, I enrolled in and completed the PME Professional Diploma Course in Royal Icing. It was a 5-day intensive course, from 1st March to 5th March, conducted at Artisan Cake Craft Centre. The instructor for the course is Calvin Mark Ng, wedding cake designer and founder of Black Forest Tavern.

Receiving my diploma certificate from my instructor, Calvin.

My PME Royal Icing Cake Project 1

My PME Royal Icing Cake Project 2

My PME Royal Icing Cake Project 3

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rachel's Clematis & Stripes Cake

As promised in a previous post Rachel, a Girl who Loves to Read, here is my daughter Rachel's two tiered birthday cake. Cake flavors are marbled butter cake layered and filled with chocolate ganache for the top tier; and butter cake layered and filled with vanilla buttercream for the bottom tier.

Figurine of Rachel, sitting on top of the top tier.

Clematis flowers and leaves brush embroidered with on the sides of the top tier.

The bottom tier decorated with fondant stripes and fondant balls.

The assembled cake!

Notice the birthday girl's top matches the colors on the cake?
I am glad that Rachel loved the design of the cake although someone did comment that the pink was  so bright that it had a neon effect. I chose pink as the predominant color because it is Rachel's favorite.  The other colors complimented the pink to make the cake "bright and cheery", suitable for a young girl ("I am a tween!" corrected Rachel, who just turned 12).

We had a lunch party of 23 people (including children) and the bottom tier was finished off within minutes. The top tier?  I am reserving it ... but that is another story!