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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exploding "50" Retro Polka Dots Cake

Designed and made this retro themed cake last night, until the wee hours of the morning, especially  for my brother in law who will be celebrating his milestone 50th birthday on Valentine's day tomorrow. The cake  is a gift from me and my hubby; to  be eaten as dessert after the family's Chinese New  Year dinner  (first day of Chinese New Year coincides with Valentine's Day this year). Cake flavor is chocolate mud cake layered with dark chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate fondant. Color scheme that I chose for the cake is silver, teal, brown and white.

The numbers "50" is hand crafted from gumpaste and painted with silver sheen and luster dust.  Edible, except for the cocktail sticks partly embedded in them to enable them to stand up. Of course, I made these days in advance to allow for drying time.

The "50" exploding out from the cake. I filled the explosion rip with silver dragees for a silvery effect.

 Another view of the exploding "50" surrounded by silver, teal and white polka dots cutouts arranged in  a retro style.

 Top view of the cake!

This cake will be traveling with us back to Ipoh (hubby's hometown)  which is a 2 hour drive away. However, with everybody rushing back to their respective hometowns for the CNY celebrations, it may take up to 3 to 4 hours along the congested highway. I really hope this cake arrives safely; and in one piece!

Happy and Blessed 50th Birthday, Steven! Many Happy Returns for this milestone in your life. Hope we  all  enjoy the cake tomorrow.

Post Event Update on Feb 15th!
Well, the cake did arrive in Ipoh safely but I can't say the same for my hubby and myself after 4 hours of car travel. The weather in Ipoh was also very hot and humid; and we had to keep the cake in the air conditioned bedroom overnight and well into the next day.

When we presented this cake to the birthday "boy" Steven, he commented that it looked like a "piece of art" and that he couldn't  bring himself to cut into it. I insisted so that I could take a photo of the inside. Here it is:

Actually, this is the first time that I attempted this chocolate mud cake recipe which I found on the internet. I tested it out on the family and I am glad that everybody loved it. It was moist, rich and chocolatey. Nephew Caleb (Steven's son) even gave it a "thumbs up"!