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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cupcakes for a Mathematics Professor

CakesI received this order from a lovely lady in Dublin, Ireland for 30 cupcakes for her Dad's 60th birthday. Although she cannot make it back to Malaysia for the celebration, she wanted to make the occasion special with some customized cupcakes... See? she really is lovely! Dad is a Mathematics professor, lecturing at a local university. She wanted a standing figurine of her dad in his graduation robe since he never left university, and low relief fondant  motifs of  her mum and grandparents to appear on the cupcakes. Also, to make mum and grandma look "really nice".

Here is Dad in his graduation robe paired with a silver neck tie.


Grandma... described as having gray curly hair and wearing spectacles (omitted the specs because I wanted her to look youthful),

and Grandpa ... with spiky white hair.

Also,  not forgetting his mortar board, calculator, computer, books and math formulas. Since it is still the Chinese New Year season, I added cherry blossoms to the collection.

Cupcake flavor is moist chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Thanks for the order, San Hung. Hope your parents and their guests enjoyed the cupcakes and the celebration lunch.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exploding "50" Retro Polka Dots Cake

Designed and made this retro themed cake last night, until the wee hours of the morning, especially  for my brother in law who will be celebrating his milestone 50th birthday on Valentine's day tomorrow. The cake  is a gift from me and my hubby; to  be eaten as dessert after the family's Chinese New  Year dinner  (first day of Chinese New Year coincides with Valentine's Day this year). Cake flavor is chocolate mud cake layered with dark chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate fondant. Color scheme that I chose for the cake is silver, teal, brown and white.

The numbers "50" is hand crafted from gumpaste and painted with silver sheen and luster dust.  Edible, except for the cocktail sticks partly embedded in them to enable them to stand up. Of course, I made these days in advance to allow for drying time.

The "50" exploding out from the cake. I filled the explosion rip with silver dragees for a silvery effect.

 Another view of the exploding "50" surrounded by silver, teal and white polka dots cutouts arranged in  a retro style.

 Top view of the cake!

This cake will be traveling with us back to Ipoh (hubby's hometown)  which is a 2 hour drive away. However, with everybody rushing back to their respective hometowns for the CNY celebrations, it may take up to 3 to 4 hours along the congested highway. I really hope this cake arrives safely; and in one piece!

Happy and Blessed 50th Birthday, Steven! Many Happy Returns for this milestone in your life. Hope we  all  enjoy the cake tomorrow.

Post Event Update on Feb 15th!
Well, the cake did arrive in Ipoh safely but I can't say the same for my hubby and myself after 4 hours of car travel. The weather in Ipoh was also very hot and humid; and we had to keep the cake in the air conditioned bedroom overnight and well into the next day.

When we presented this cake to the birthday "boy" Steven, he commented that it looked like a "piece of art" and that he couldn't  bring himself to cut into it. I insisted so that I could take a photo of the inside. Here it is:

Actually, this is the first time that I attempted this chocolate mud cake recipe which I found on the internet. I tested it out on the family and I am glad that everybody loved it. It was moist, rich and chocolatey. Nephew Caleb (Steven's son) even gave it a "thumbs up"! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Under the Sea Cupcakes

On top of the "present" cake, Zoee's mom also ordered 30 "Under the sea" themed cupcakes for her sweet 16th birthday. These were for her birthday celebration with her classmates and teachers at school. Flavor was moist chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache; topped and decorated with butter cream icing and fondant toppers.


Red haired mermaid figurine since Zoee's favorite mermaid character is Disney's Ariel .

A medley of sea creatures including puffer fishes, angel fishes, a star fish and a seahorse.

Not forgetting the jelly fishes! Did you know they are a Chinese delicacy?

Friendly octopus!

Shake on it!... but be careful of the claws.

Arrangement of the cupcakes for the occasion.

Hope Zoee and her friends enjoyed the cupcakes. Thanks for the order, Bee Yang.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Gift for a Sweet 16

Actually this customer requested me to make a moist chocolate cake based on the design of the  Pretty Bow & Dots Cake for her daughter who turns 16 today. Wanting to try my hand at something different, I asked her whether she would mind if I did the cake with a different type of bow, and she replied it was okay as long as it was pretty and cute. So this is the bow I came up with:

 Top view of the bow which I made about 2 weeks ago. I rolled the fondant over an imprint mat to get the flower-imprinted design on the ribbons.

Another view of the bow. So far so good!

Since this is a young teen's cake, I  had decided to go for a brighter and more playful color scheme... vibrant pink with contrasting sky blue and lime green.  

From here on, things started going wrong. Firstly, not taking into account that the moist chocolate cake was not as firm and sturdy as the butter cake, I had a hard time getting it into the perfect shape to be covered with the fondant.  When I finally covered the cake with the fondant, it started tearing at the corners and the sides.  There were also air pockets under the fondant to contend with. I ended up with an unsightly pink cake with  tears where the dark chocolate cake showed through and also small pin holes where I have stuck the needle in to release the air. : (

I thought of giving up but then my customer (who is also a good friend) will be so disappointed. Maybe I can cover the defects with polka dots cutouts but one of the tears was really large and uneven shaped ... no way I can cover it with dots. So, I decided to use heart shaped cutouts instead since Valentine's Day is around the corner and love is in the air. Here's the outcome:

Large heart shape cutout that covered the large tear. It appeared so bare that I added the birthday girl's name.

 Zoee is 16.

The finished cake after 6 hours of labor. I thank the Lord for giving me the inspiration for the new design and  the perseverance to finish this cake. Phew! Happy to report that the customer was delighted with the cake.

Happy and Blessed Sweet 16, Zoee! Hope you and your family enjoy the cake. Thanks for the order, Bee Yang.