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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Rachel, A Girl who Loves to Read

Modeled this fondant girl figurine as a topper for my daughter Rachel's upcoming birthday cake in February. I wanted to personalize the figurine to reflect her character. At first, I wanted to make a girl sitting demurely on the edge of the cake, wearing a pretty pink dress and ballerina pumps, holding a sprig of pretty blossoms ... but on second thoughts, that's not the real Rachel! Rachel is into books, and not flowers. The only flowers you 'll see on her are those embroidered onto her jeans. She's more of a "t-shirt and jeans" girl and I don't think I have ever seen her sitting like a lady....yet. She also loves her hair long and dreads haircuts.

It took me 3 days to complete this model. Reason is that the body has to be left to dry overnight before the head is attached. Then, the head has to be dry before the hair is attached. So here she is, after 8 hours of hard work:

Thanks to my new tool, a clay gun, I was able to make the hair in a jiffy. Actually, Rachel's hair is long , straight  and even length but I have given the model a layered cut and twisted the front portion of the hair into ringlets for a neater effect. Thankfully, Rachel liked this  hairstyle and commented that it makes her look Japanese.


I 've given the model a pair of pink "Mary Janes", something on my daughter's wish list.

Stay posted for Rachel's cake which I'll be baking and decorating sometime in February. I think I will attempt a two tiered cake, my first!

Post Event Update on Feb 28th! 
Yes, I did attempt the two tiered cake and here it is, Rachel's Clematis and Stripes Cake

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