I am fully booked for the month of November and taking a "Crate Break"... Ops! "Cake Break" in December! Closed for the year! Open for commissions for 2016.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Face Cupcakes with Beanies & Dummies

Made these sweet little baby face cupcakes just for the fun of it! Original design by Planet Cake.

Blue is for boys...
... and pink is for girls!
Sweet little babies!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mervyn's 2nd Pop Up Barney Dino With Star Bursts

Mervyn turns two on Boxing Day, with his favorite Barney the purple dinosaur popping up from this cake commissioned by his mom, Melissa. This is my second pop up Barney, the first being Evvah's Mini Cakes. Inspiration for this cake was from Pink Cake Box.
Bright and cheerful sky blue complimented by gumball colors!
Barney the Purple Dino popping out of the cake...
... with wired stars bursting out from behind him...
... and holding out two candles for Mervyn to blow out!
Happy Birthday Mervyn! Thank you Melissa!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jonathan's 3rd "Thomas and Friends" Theme Cupcakes

My client Sylvia commissioned these cupcakes for her son Jonathan's 3rd birthday. Jonathan loves the show "Thomas and Friends" so the main focus of these cupcakes was a miniature sugar art model of Thomas the Engine. I also incorporated a couple of 2D faces of Thomas's friends which were really fun to make.

Thomas, the Little Engine!
In a cheerful mood
Complete with coal bunker, filled to the brim with coal
James (red), Thomas (blue) and Percy (green)
Thomas on track... timber sleepers and steel tracks
The whole set of 16 cupcakes
Happy Birthday to Jonathan and thanks for the order, Sylvia! : )

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saxophone for a Jazz Music Lover

I was commissioned by my client to design this cake for her colleague's birthday. He is an anesthesiologist but she didn't want any doctor themed cakes. She described him as a quiet and serious person who loves to listen to Jazz music.  We then decided upon a Jazz music themed cake with a sugar art saxophone for this Jazz music lover.

Much research was done the the anatomy of this elaborate musical instrument. I learned  the main parts , that is, the neck, the body, the bow and the bell. Also, different components like  mouthpiece, reed, octave key, octave pin, ligature, reed, neck cork, neck screw, tenon, keys, pads, key guard and the list goes on. At the end of the day, I was a confused cake artist albeit a very much educated one! ; )
Jazz music themed cake...
... in black and gold!
Ebony and ivory piano keys
Hand painted logo

... in gold and silver!

Thanks for the order, Dr. Goh. : )

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas 2010 "Snowflakes" Collection

These are my cupcake designs for this coming Christmas, featuring snowflakes in icy colors of blue and white... a truly wintry theme.

Imprinted and hand painted snow flake design on fondant iced cupcakes
Textured and hand painted snowflake cutouts on fondant iced cupcakes
 Each snowflake design is hand painted in pearl sheen color for that icy and shimmery effect!

Cupcake size is 2.5oz souffle cup. Minimum order is 20 pieces. Available in two flavors, Moist Chocolate and Golden Vanilla. Limited to one flavor per minimum order.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wen Yan's 3rd "Toy Story" Jessie Cowgirl Theme Cupcakes

I got to try my hand at another Toy Story theme... this time, commissioned by a client whose daughter Wen Yan is a big fan of  Toy Story. It was a toss up between her favorite characters, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the Cowgirl or Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, on who would be the main character(s) on her 3rd birthday cupcakes. Ultimately, it was Jessie who won hands down! 

"Jessie the Cowgirl" sugar art figurine
Back view with cowboy hat and braided hair tied up with ribbon
Side view... here's looking at you with those green eyes
The "3" from the title of "Toy Story 3"
Lassos and cow print

Jessie sitting on timber floor effect cupcakes
The whole set... 16 cupcakes!
Happy Birthday dear Wen Yan! Thank you for the order, Joanne.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sum Yu's 2nd "Barney and I" Cake

This cake was commissioned by my client to celebrate her daughter Sum Yu's second birthday. Sum Yu's favorite toy is Barney the purple dinosaur. Mom suggested a cake with a personalized figurine of her daughter wearing the dress that she will be wearing at her birthday party, and holding hands with Barney.

Cake toppers "Little Birthday Girl" and "Barney the Purple Dino"  sugar art figurines...
Pic of pretty little Sum Yu in her lovely white with satin peach birthday dress, courtesy of her mom
Closeup of "Little Girl" figurine (Clockwise from top left) : 1. Front view 2. Side view 3. Tiny peach ribbons on the skirt and ballerina pumps with pearl buttons 4. Peach sash at the back
Pretty blossoms and butterflies
The cake!
Happy Birthday Sum Yu and thanks for the order, Pei Ling. : )

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zhen Yu's "Toy Story" Books with Woody and Buzz Lightyear

This cake was designed for my client who commissioned me to make a Toy Story themed cake for her nephew Zhen Yu's 3rd birthday.The cake is to resemble a couple of books stacked one atop another. Of course, this Toy Story themed cake would not be complete without its two main characters, Woody, the Cowboy Sheriff and Buzz Lightyear, the Space Ranger.

Books on the timber flooring
The title of the book is the birthday boy's name amidst stars and golden planets
Stacked books
Fondant covered cake board with timber floor effect
Happy Birthday message along the book spines
Woody sugar art figurine sitting on top of the books with his legs dangling over the edge
Woody closeup (anti clockwise from top left) : 1. Stetson hat 2. Boots with gold spurs 3. Book in hand, "Reading is good for you" 4. Back view with checkered shirt and cow print vest 5. Front view with red scarf and gold sheriff badge
Buzz sugar art figurine sitting beside the books
Buzz closeup (anti clockwise from top left) : 1. Front panel with colored buttons and hand painted "Space Ranger" emblem 2. Space boots 3. Right arm with laser button and laser 4. Left arm with hand painted rocket emblem
Happy Birthday Zhen Yu and Thanks for the order, Brenda. : )

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ethan's Mr & Mrs Potato Head and their Detachable Parts Cupcakes

These were last minute cupcakes which I made for my son Ethan to celebrate his belated birthday with his friends, teachers and therapists at The Learning Connection, a school for children with learning disabilities. Still exhausted from the weeks of preparation and creation of my "Black Lace" wedding cake entry at the ICCA Cake Competition, I had decided not to celebrate his birthday this year. Also, some important family members were not around on the day itself . However, I changed my mind and these cupcakes were the result. I chose this theme because Ethan has a Mr Potato Head toy which his therapists  uses  to teach him body parts via play, and I also thought that it would be fun for the children to identify the parts while enjoying the cupcakes.

Mr. Potato Head
Mrs. Potato Head
The happy couple?
Standing on their cupcakes
Bowler hats
Eyes, ears and nose
Lips, teeth and tongue
Hands or gloves?
44 cupcakes!
Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest son, Ethan!