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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Project 2009 Part 1

The making of a fondant covered almond sugee cake with fondant figurines for the family's annual Christmas dinner. Theme for this year's cake is "Christmas Nativity". I wanted to depict the real meaning behind Christmas.

First, I had to cut out the fondant stable pieces and mold the figurines from fondant icing for the cake. I actually took photos of the process but my camera's SD card got corrupted and all was lost!

Pieces for the be assembled when the cake is ready.
 The Virgin Mary
The Baby Jesus
 Joseph the Carpenter
 The Shepherds in the field

Donkey dozing peacefully

All in the family ... what a humble beginning for our Saviour

The Magi from the East

Painting edible gold color onto the gifts

The Magi bearing gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.

Thus far is my work. Next step is to bake the cake, cover it in fondant icing and assemble the fondant stable and figurines onto it.

I have never covered a cake with fondant icing before and I dont want my first experience to be a failure. I am going for a course 'Fondant Fun' on Tues, November at Cake Connection, Jaya 1, PJ for this purpose.

Will keep you all posted. See you in Christmas Project Part 2.

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